"The future

belongs to those who believe

in the beauty of their dreams."

Hannah Hammond is self-made entrepreneur who set out to create a life beyond the chains of mediocrity. With self-motivation, grit, and hustle, Hannah became a very successful entrepreneur at a shockingly young age, after living through a difficult childhood filled with many challenges. After graduating Summa Cum Laude with dual Engineering Degrees from ASU, she went on to found and operate multiple companies in Arizona, including commercial and residential real estate sales, business & wealth coaching, three construction companies, and a national real estate brokerage.
She is passionate about helping others who do not know where or how to begin, and acts as a living example that anybody can create the life that they once only dreamed about. Hannah became a self-made millionaire by the age of 25 years old, and she now owns a portfolio of investment properties and is an active Realtor, investor, and business coach in Phoenix, Arizona. Hannah went on to open a residential and commercial real estate brokerage that is now franchised nationwide, Real Estate at The Firm (www.realestateatthefirm.com), and is the Co-owner & CEO of the company on both a local and national level.


Real Estate

While no two clients’ needs are exactly alike, Hannah and her team’s diverse portfolio and in-depth understanding of market conditions and trends provides her with the ability to successfully structure any type of transaction. Through maintaining current, comprehensive knowledge in every facet of the real estate industry, Hannah provides her clients with the required expertise to anticipate and fulfill their specific market requirements.

With decades of combined experience in working with owners, tenants, institutions, public and private corporations, developers, and investors, Hannah and her commercial real estate team strive to deliver the highest level of service to all of their clients. Experience, dedication and market knowledge allows Hannah to attain unsurpassed customer satisfaction, confidence, loyalty, and respect.

By continually adding novel approaches on top of traditional and proven brokerage techniques, Hannah is able to implement one of the most thorough and unique marketing strategies for her listed properties; an approach that maximizes exposure and has proven to be successful in all market conditions. Property owners seeking proficiency in the sale and leasing of commercial properties in the Greater Phoenix area have found great real estate success with Hannah Hammond.


Real Estate

Hannah is a third-generation native of Phoenix, Arizona and focuses on single-family residential listings in the Scottsdale, Tempe, Gilbert, Chandler, and Greater Phoenix areas. Hannah leverages her deep knowledge of the local community and her engineering and construction background to help each of her clients achieve their financial goals. Her proven process for buying or selling real estate starts with an actionable plan. A succinct understanding of your goals is followed by a quantitative analysis and a comprehensive marketing strategy. Hannah walks you through the process step-by-step, and stays closely in touch at every stage before, during, and following the transaction. Hannah is acutely aware of market conditions, the real estate transaction life cycle, and how to present a competitive offer for both buyers and sellers. She employs modern data analytics techniques to provide each client with the most current information to inform their real estate transaction process.

She has great historical knowledge of the unique neighborhoods, schools, and districts in the Greater Phoenix area. Hannah cares greatly about our local communities and works to help evaluate which neighborhood best suits the needs of each individual or family she works with. When preparing to sell your home, Hannah prepares an in-depth market analysis followed by a detailed go-to-market strategy, with advice for adding the most value with the greatest return of your investment. She brings her experienced team of landscapers, painters, house cleaning services, and home staging consultants to make preparing your house easy and ensuring the best financial results.


From early on, Hannah just thought bigger, dreamed bigger. She always shot for the moon, and the word “limit” was simply not in her vocabulary. She wanted to achieve beyond what her peers and what society had told her she could. Coming from a lower income and uneducated family, she didn’t have access to the guidance or algorithms for the tremendous success and financial freedom that she so desperately desired. She discovered something from a very young age, she did not want to live in the “rat race” and she did not want to let money, or the lack thereof, to define the future of her and her family. Given her circumstances and her environment, she had to utilize the sources that she had available to teach herself how to accomplish her massive dreams and goals.

 Through years of studying books written by those who had accomplished what she desired, and through countless, expensive trial and error (the greatest teacher), Hannah taught herself the lessons she sought to learn, and much more. This journey consisted of sacrifice, pain, doubt, loneliness, and many, many tears. Finally gaining traction and achieving others idea of “success,” people began to seek out her guidance and knowledge. With an innate passion for helping others, Hannah finds immense internal joy from coaching others through many aspects, including real estate, business, and financial wealth. She now offers private in person coaching in all of these sectors and is now able to coach others nationally due to the gift of technology. For Hannah, the true joy of success is the ability to share it with others who also shoot for the moon and strive for a life beyond the status quo. For Hannah, no dream is too big, and absolutely anything is possible.

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